Get a grip on your investments_

CRESCO Compliance verifies all your activities in order to make sure that your interests are best served. Every transaction and billing is checked in friendly partnership with the banks and the possible risks of conflicts of interest are eliminated. 

CRESCO Compliance uses an early warning system, based on asset consolidation and performance analysis. Its presentations are clear and use a consistent valuation methodology. Its reports provide you a quantitative analysis of your income, the risks, and the costs, so that you can define or adjust your strategy.

Through ongoing monitoring, you can react on a timely basis as well as reduce potential risks and liabilities. With its monitoring and controlling program, CRESCO Compliance will enable you to keep tab on your day-to-day investment activities.

Nevertheless, the nature of our action should not be misunderstood. The relationship between the client and the bank remains untouched: our purpose is not to take initiatives for the client, only to provide him with relevant and clear information in order to help him to take the most profitable decisions for its portfolio.


Benchmarking of Actual Situation_

Due to the complexity of the market, you can never be sure that your interests are best served. Is the bank or investor handling your investment the first in class? Is it the cost leader, or are you actually paying more than you should? Through its benchmarking process, CRESCO Compliance brings answers to all those interrogations.

CRESCO Compliance analyzes the quality and costs of the services provided by your investor in order to make sure that it is both the service leader and the cost champion on the market. And obviously, since every business is different, we provide you with a tailor made solution: not only the investor is chosen because it is the most competitive option, but also because it is the best fit for your investment and your needs.

Continuous Costs

CRESCO Compliance reviews on your behalf the charges levied by the depository banks and assets managers, and in so doing, often uncover excessive fees charges, hidden costs or erroneous price settlements. We also verify that the individual fees agreements, settled in the first place, are respected.

A trust-based relationship between the client and the investor being a necessary ingredient for an efficient discretionary managed portfolio, this program is not only profitable for the client, but also for the bank.

Continuous Investment

CRESCO Compliance verifies each individual transaction for its conformity with the market fees and your mandate. In the framework of risk limitation, we monitor the investment restrictions, diversifications and third-party risks. Within the scope of reporting, you receive seamless documentation with management-relevant information about the structure, the nature and the development of your assets. Equally, the consistently prepared reports serve as an efficient controlling tool.

CRESCO Compliance partnered with LMM Investment Controlling to provide this service.


Our UAE offices are closed from April 20-21, 2023,  you may still reach us on
+971 4 406 9680 as our team in Seychelles and the Philippines remain at your disposal. Eid Mubarak!